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Great Northern District

Dear Scouters,

Many thanks to the many folks who attended our recent meetings regarding our realigned service model plans.  In an effort to better serve the families participating in the Scouting program today and in the future, Daniel Webster Council plans some service model changes resulting in a reorganization in the field service operations.  This communication serves as a quick review and explanation.  Our intent is to better serve units and families through quality program and service.  As discussed,  many of these plans have been communicated in person where possible.  The plan is to reassign the communities that currently comprise the Great Northern District between the Sunapee, Wannalancit and Abnaki Districts.  Units located in Woodsville, Libson, Littleton, Bethlehem, Whitefield, Lancaster, Groveton, Colebrook, and Pittsburg will be added to the Sunapee District; units in Campton, Thornton, Lincoln, and Warren added to the Wannalancit District; and units in North Conway, Conway, Bartlett,, Berlin, and Gorham added to the Abnaki District.  A complete listing of towns can be found on the Daniel Webster Council website by clicking here.

Professional service-wise, Mark Callahan will become the District Executive in Massabesic District, Skip Chase, the Senior District Executive in Historic District, and we will be hiring a new District Executive in Sunapee.  We will also be seeking to add a quality unit executive or intern(s) to assist with unit service (membership, program, and training) and an additional quality unit executive to serve the multi cultural markets and/or inner city scouting programs.  These changes also enable us to plan for some additional Cub Scout program opportunities in the northern communities of DWC. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact VP of District Operations, Mike Tager, Council Commissioner, Craig Donais, or Director of Field Services, Tom Trafton.  We look forward to initiating these changes to better serve the volunteers and Scouts from across the Daniel Webster Council on February 1, 2014.


Mike Tager, Vice-President of District Operations

Craig Donais, Council Commissioner

Tom Trafton, Director of Field Services

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Page last updated on February 1, 2014
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